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Hi Everyone!

No I’m not leaving the forest, but I am excited to announce that lil’things by nadya has launched a brand new website! So without further ado, click here:


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Know When To Quit

I have a secret — I’m kinda lazy. Now if you don’t know me, you may say, well, OK, big whop. If you do know me, you’ll think I’m lying, because I’m always working on something. But in order to do what I want to be doing, I have to let some things slide. For example, I probably have most of the clothes I wear, currently on my bedroom floor in folded piles and I have just as many art supplies in my bathroom as toiletries. (I wash my palettes and brushes in there. FYI — they are clean & drying.) June is insane for my family and I have just let some things go.

I am always being told by Heidi at Pointer Gifts & Crafts to, “Submit, submit, submit!!!” my scrapbook layouts to magazines in order to be (hopefully) published. I teach classes at her store in Markham, and it would be a great advertisement for both the store and myself if I did. But as I said, I’m lazy. I’m a slow scrapper — I’m picky and put an inane amount of time into the photos, journalling, paper, embellishments, etc. And it’s Heidi. She’s my friend and biggest fan, so I feel she’d biased. It’s like your mom telling you you’re beautiful.  Submitting your work is time consuming. You have to list all of your supplies and take good pictures and, well, by the time I finish a layout, it’s like finishing a term paper or exam — you just want to be done already! I do have to do that for my wares on Etsy — the photos & description, it all takes so much time! But when a stranger sees your work & tells you to submit — well, you listen. An guess what?! I’m going to be published! One of my mixed media canvases will be featured in the September issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. I am very excited & proud of myself. Perhaps I’ll continue to submit…

As I said, lots of happenings in June, for example my closest friends’ baby turns one today. I consider him partly mine — I was there at his birth and I love Mr Wonderful like he’s mine. So for his first birthday I took it upon myself to make his cake. So this last weekend was the bunny cake making marathon. Even made my own fondant. I must confess I had bunny nightmares and now realize why there are no, good, 3D fondant rabbit cakes out there on the web — they are pretty impossible

to make! On Saturday night, armed with my carving knife, iPad, cake, buttercream frosting & fondant, I drew sketches, made a few incisions and I caved after a couple hours and handed the knife over to Mr CFO. I put the white hat on and directed. By 1am we were finished — literally & figuratively and made a pact to never fondant again.

Ten hours later, The Juicer announced a bunny beheading had occurred in the kitchen. At the last minute, I had changed the positioning of his head from lying on the ground to making him look as if he were sitting. Silly me. The weight of his head was too great and gravity prevailed. Hack surgery commenced involving prayer, toothpicks and a water-filled mason jar for Bunny to rest his head against. Miss Know-It-All and I tenderly drove Bunny to Mr Wonderful’s house a couple hours before the party and promptly dumped it on them and ran! A bowl filled with carrots and garlic scapes replaced the mason jar and Bunny looked like he was grazing instead of losing to a fight with a fox.

With the pomp & circumstance that goes with a first birthday, I wedding-stepped Bunny to Mr Wonderful, and at the end of the song, the honour of blowing out the candle went to his big sis, Miss Drama, because let’s face it, Mr Wonderful didn’t know what the heck I had just placed on his high chair tray and he’s one — he doesn’t know how to blow out a candle!

Do not fear, he knew how to eat the cake and my no-fail-damn-that-Martha-Stewart chocolate cake with buttercream frosting was a hit with everyone! I even heard a young child rave over my fondant! (I had honestly thought everyone would just peel it off and eat the rest of the cake.) I quietly slipped away to the kitchen with my slice of cake to grab a glass of milk to go with it, and ate my cake with a satisfied grin on my face. Satisfied that I was never going to tango with fondant again. Even though The Juicer’s birthday is 2 days away. Sometimes, like Seinfeld, you quit while you are ahead.

Do you know where you’re going to?

Hurt so good. John Cougar was definitely taking pilate classes when he wrote this song. I’ve recently discovered a new gym, well I can’t call it a gym, because that conjures up visions of treadmill, weights, spinning bikes. Yuck — I can’t do that anymore. The place I now go to whenever I get the chance has Pilates, yoga and restorative classes that have deceiving names like Blissful Hips (aka If-I-Had-the-Strength-I’d-Crawl-Outta-Here-Right-Now!) and Sculpted (aka Curl-Into-Fetal-Position-&-Silently-Sob). But that is only how I feel about halfway through the class.  I power through, clear my mind of everything else going on in my life and for an hour or so, just concentrate on my breath and listening to my body. Let me tell you, my body isn’t very happy with me, and if it could, would probably charge me with neglect and crimes against humanity. 

We take our bodies for granted. We expect so much of it, we take, take, take and don’t often give back.  When we do listen, it’s amazing what it tells us it is capable of. We are so busy. We are racing, constantly on the go, and I have been wondering — where are we headed in such a rush? If it’s a race — are we winning?

By the end of my class, my heart rate is back to normal, I am tranquil and feel I can take on the world. (As long as my legs don’t fail me on the way out the door.)  My aim is to attempt to keep that feeling with me longer than it takes to drive to my next destination.

My assignment for you if you choose to accept it is this. Slow down, breathe and listen to your body today and do something nice for it.

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My dance card is getting full…

I am so thrilled to be adding 2 more shows to my schedule this summer! I have been invited to participate at the Purple Turtle Art Festival, July 14 & 15 at The Briar’s Resort in Jackson’s Point. I have attended the Festival over the years, and I can’t quite believe I will be a vendor and not just an attendee!

Once again, I will be at the Eaglewood Folk Festival, August 24-26 mere strolling (OK, bike riding) distance from my home!

Here is my current calendar of events I will be participating at:

Saturday, June 3 – Art Xtreme, The ROC, Keswick

Saturday June 9 – Ladies’ Pamper Me Day, Sutton Legion, Sutton

Sunday, June 24 – FARM Georgina, Georgina Ice Palace, Keswick

Sunday, July 8 – FARM Georgina, Georgina Ice Palace, Keswick

Saturday, July 14 – Purple Turtle Art Festival, Jackson’s Point

Sunday, July 15 – Purple Turtle Art Festival, Jackson’s Point

Sunday, July 22 – FARM Georgina, Georgina Ice Palace, Keswick

Friday, August 24 – Eaglewood Folk Festival, Pefferlaw

Saturday, August 25 – Eaglewood Folk Festival, Pefferlaw

Sunday, August 26 – Eaglewood Folk Festival, Pefferlaw

Sunday, September 16 – FARM Georgina, Georgina Ice Palace, Keswick

Sunday, September 30 – FARM Georgina, Georgina Ice Palace, Keswick

For more detailed information, check under “MY EVENTS”.

Thanks for reading and hope so see you sometime soon!

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Put a bird on it

“How old are you Mom?”, asked The Juicer the other day. He knows the answer to that question if anyone should ask. Automatic response is “29”. But today he is asking because  he is suddenly aware that his mother has an expiration date.

If I analyze the month of May, it is not the best month of the year. It marks many anniversaries for me, and not the celebratory kind. I try not to dwell. I try to act like a pessimist — the glass is half-empty type, even my motto in life is, “It could always be worse”. But I think I’m a closeted optimist.

So with endings, come new beginnings…

We had been watching this nest for  weeks. The Juicer can’t keep his beta fish and gecko alive without help, but every morning before school and everyday when we got home he would run down to the cabin of Mr CFO, where Mr & Mrs Robin had chosen to build their nest.

He would take photos of the nest every couple of days with his iPod. He even had me out there with my iPhone, climbing up to take a peek, then precariously holding onto the roof with one hand and shooting with my right.

When they hatched, it was business time and I trekked down with my Rubbermaid fold-up step and my Nikon. But every time I focused, the babies would stretch up, squirming around thinking food was coming in.

By the time I took the last pictures, I was worried for my life. The Juicer said as I had jumped down the last time, a parent robin missed me by  hairs.

I wanted to have this post out last night, but lately I have been coming home exhausted, so my post about how we always have good to look forward to when we feel we are in the midst of bad was to be written and sent out this morning.

This beautiful Saturday morning we were all up at the crack of dawn to see Miss Know-It-All off to Art Camp. The Juicer came in to give us an update on the birdies. Something had gotten at them last night, nothing remained but the empty, battered nest on the ground…

So instead, I leave you with a wonderful poem I recently heard at a funeral for a friend called, “The Dash” by Linda Ellis.

Be well and savour everything!

Canvas crazy!

If you are close to me, whether you like it or not, you are probably going to end up with a canvas from me. I love experimenting with different themes and really try to personalize the project to reflect the individual I’m making it for.

For my Mom on Mother’s Day, I created a canvas using a beautiful print by Toronto artist Nancy Falconi that I purchased at the GACAG in Sutton. My Mom loves elephants and so I chose the word “strength” to be the simple statement, reflecting her and one of the themes elephants symbolize. I used a wooden cradle frame with a chunky 2″ frame. It can stand alone or be hung on the wall.

On his birthday, I gave my buddy Mr Rock Star a Pearl Jam canvas made on canvas board. If you’re into Pearl Jam, this will make sense to you. If you aren’t — you should be. I chose this shape of board because I thought it would be conducive to the stick man. There is a lot going on in this canvas. The bigger the fan, the more you’ll see.


This weekend, Miss Know-It-All and I are off to the bustling metropolis of Buffalo to attend the Creative Keepsakes Convention to take some classes, volunteer and of course — shop!

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My Little Dancer

Don’t you love it when you come across something that really speaks to you? For many of us we find that on the web with Pinterest and StumbleUpon.

I am passionate about many a thing, and one of those is music. Couldn’t live without it and I love following my favourite bands. I have just found a new band to crank in the car, and as I was listening to them, I thought — hey they remind me so much of another band that I miss because they haven’t been on the scene in awhile… And wouldn’t you know as I was furiously youtubing them, I found a connection between those very 2 bands — the lead singer of one had collaborated with the other band. And that got me to thinking…

It’s funny how I find that completely fine with music, but with my art I have a harder time. Sometimes we feel that what we have to offer up to the world may not be unique enough, but you know, everything has been done, we all just find different ways to channel what inspires us.  We all bring something uniquely different to the table that transforms what we do into being ours.

Dancer by Edgar Degas, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

I fell in love with Degas this past March when I was fortunate enough to catch the exhibit, “Degas and the Nude”. The bronze statue Petite Danseuse de quatorze ans inspired me to create the following canvas:

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