About Me

I am a girl from the north country. I live in the forest with my very tolerant family and a plethora of animals. Mr CFO is my husband of eons, my children Miss Know-It-All (self proclaimed) and my son The Juicer are ever present to guide me through this wild, strange thing we call life. I am a person who could easily withstand being under house arrest, I love to be in my home studio creating. I find beauty in my everyday life and transform what inspires me into jewellery & art. I love taking pictures, loud music, red wine and cute babies. I enjoy hats and wear many of them. I am a work in-progress and passionate about what I like & love. I enjoy letting my freak flag fly and observing how true honesty makes people uncomfortable. I try to be fearless.

contact me at lilthings@bell.net


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