Know When To Quit

I have a secret — I’m kinda lazy. Now if you don’t know me, you may say, well, OK, big whop. If you do know me, you’ll think I’m lying, because I’m always working on something. But in order to do what I want to be doing, I have to let some things slide. For example, I probably have most of the clothes I wear, currently on my bedroom floor in folded piles and I have just as many art supplies in my bathroom as toiletries. (I wash my palettes and brushes in there. FYI — they are clean & drying.) June is insane for my family and I have just let some things go.

I am always being told by Heidi at Pointer Gifts & Crafts to, “Submit, submit, submit!!!” my scrapbook layouts to magazines in order to be (hopefully) published. I teach classes at her store in Markham, and it would be a great advertisement for both the store and myself if I did. But as I said, I’m lazy. I’m a slow scrapper — I’m picky and put an inane amount of time into the photos, journalling, paper, embellishments, etc. And it’s Heidi. She’s my friend and biggest fan, so I feel she’d biased. It’s like your mom telling you you’re beautiful.  Submitting your work is time consuming. You have to list all of your supplies and take good pictures and, well, by the time I finish a layout, it’s like finishing a term paper or exam — you just want to be done already! I do have to do that for my wares on Etsy — the photos & description, it all takes so much time! But when a stranger sees your work & tells you to submit — well, you listen. An guess what?! I’m going to be published! One of my mixed media canvases will be featured in the September issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. I am very excited & proud of myself. Perhaps I’ll continue to submit…

As I said, lots of happenings in June, for example my closest friends’ baby turns one today. I consider him partly mine — I was there at his birth and I love Mr Wonderful like he’s mine. So for his first birthday I took it upon myself to make his cake. So this last weekend was the bunny cake making marathon. Even made my own fondant. I must confess I had bunny nightmares and now realize why there are no, good, 3D fondant rabbit cakes out there on the web — they are pretty impossible

to make! On Saturday night, armed with my carving knife, iPad, cake, buttercream frosting & fondant, I drew sketches, made a few incisions and I caved after a couple hours and handed the knife over to Mr CFO. I put the white hat on and directed. By 1am we were finished — literally & figuratively and made a pact to never fondant again.

Ten hours later, The Juicer announced a bunny beheading had occurred in the kitchen. At the last minute, I had changed the positioning of his head from lying on the ground to making him look as if he were sitting. Silly me. The weight of his head was too great and gravity prevailed. Hack surgery commenced involving prayer, toothpicks and a water-filled mason jar for Bunny to rest his head against. Miss Know-It-All and I tenderly drove Bunny to Mr Wonderful’s house a couple hours before the party and promptly dumped it on them and ran! A bowl filled with carrots and garlic scapes replaced the mason jar and Bunny looked like he was grazing instead of losing to a fight with a fox.

With the pomp & circumstance that goes with a first birthday, I wedding-stepped Bunny to Mr Wonderful, and at the end of the song, the honour of blowing out the candle went to his big sis, Miss Drama, because let’s face it, Mr Wonderful didn’t know what the heck I had just placed on his high chair tray and he’s one — he doesn’t know how to blow out a candle!

Do not fear, he knew how to eat the cake and my no-fail-damn-that-Martha-Stewart chocolate cake with buttercream frosting was a hit with everyone! I even heard a young child rave over my fondant! (I had honestly thought everyone would just peel it off and eat the rest of the cake.) I quietly slipped away to the kitchen with my slice of cake to grab a glass of milk to go with it, and ate my cake with a satisfied grin on my face. Satisfied that I was never going to tango with fondant again. Even though The Juicer’s birthday is 2 days away. Sometimes, like Seinfeld, you quit while you are ahead.


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  1. How cool are you! Thats quite a challenge to take on. You are a very good friend!


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