Do you know where you’re going to?

Hurt so good. John Cougar was definitely taking pilate classes when he wrote this song. I’ve recently discovered a new gym, well I can’t call it a gym, because that conjures up visions of treadmill, weights, spinning bikes. Yuck — I can’t do that anymore. The place I now go to whenever I get the chance has Pilates, yoga and restorative classes that have deceiving names like Blissful Hips (aka If-I-Had-the-Strength-I’d-Crawl-Outta-Here-Right-Now!) and Sculpted (aka Curl-Into-Fetal-Position-&-Silently-Sob). But that is only how I feel about halfway through the class.  I power through, clear my mind of everything else going on in my life and for an hour or so, just concentrate on my breath and listening to my body. Let me tell you, my body isn’t very happy with me, and if it could, would probably charge me with neglect and crimes against humanity. 

We take our bodies for granted. We expect so much of it, we take, take, take and don’t often give back.  When we do listen, it’s amazing what it tells us it is capable of. We are so busy. We are racing, constantly on the go, and I have been wondering — where are we headed in such a rush? If it’s a race — are we winning?

By the end of my class, my heart rate is back to normal, I am tranquil and feel I can take on the world. (As long as my legs don’t fail me on the way out the door.)  My aim is to attempt to keep that feeling with me longer than it takes to drive to my next destination.

My assignment for you if you choose to accept it is this. Slow down, breathe and listen to your body today and do something nice for it.

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