Put a bird on it

“How old are you Mom?”, asked The Juicer the other day. He knows the answer to that question if anyone should ask. Automatic response is “29”. But today he is asking because  he is suddenly aware that his mother has an expiration date.

If I analyze the month of May, it is not the best month of the year. It marks many anniversaries for me, and not the celebratory kind. I try not to dwell. I try to act like a pessimist — the glass is half-empty type, even my motto in life is, “It could always be worse”. But I think I’m a closeted optimist.

So with endings, come new beginnings…

We had been watching this nest for  weeks. The Juicer can’t keep his beta fish and gecko alive without help, but every morning before school and everyday when we got home he would run down to the cabin of Mr CFO, where Mr & Mrs Robin had chosen to build their nest.

He would take photos of the nest every couple of days with his iPod. He even had me out there with my iPhone, climbing up to take a peek, then precariously holding onto the roof with one hand and shooting with my right.

When they hatched, it was business time and I trekked down with my Rubbermaid fold-up step and my Nikon. But every time I focused, the babies would stretch up, squirming around thinking food was coming in.

By the time I took the last pictures, I was worried for my life. The Juicer said as I had jumped down the last time, a parent robin missed me by  hairs.

I wanted to have this post out last night, but lately I have been coming home exhausted, so my post about how we always have good to look forward to when we feel we are in the midst of bad was to be written and sent out this morning.

This beautiful Saturday morning we were all up at the crack of dawn to see Miss Know-It-All off to Art Camp. The Juicer came in to give us an update on the birdies. Something had gotten at them last night, nothing remained but the empty, battered nest on the ground…

So instead, I leave you with a wonderful poem I recently heard at a funeral for a friend called, “The Dash” by Linda Ellis.

Be well and savour everything!


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  1. I love your lamentations and your photos. I’m mighty impressed! Keep them coming.


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