Here I Am!


In medias res, translated from Latin (which I tend to do irregularly) means, “into the middle of things” — so here I plunge!

To the left is Lucy, a pseudo family member. I can not say with any certainty she will not be eaten, but she will definitely NOT be eaten by us. She is brave & feisty and is today, my inspiration as I travel into cyberspace.

Today I head to the Creativ Festival with Miss Know-It-All. Mr CFO is on his own since The Juicer left for New York City yesterday. Still no word from him, but I’m sure he is showing the Big Apple a good time. I LOVE the Creativ Festival because it brings all of my addictions together under one roof! Thread, wool, paper, fabric, jewellery — it’s almost too much. Let’s see what I bring back…


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